W Trekking


Share with us a unique experience in mountain hiking.

Come and live this unique experience in park and mountain campsites, walking the most iconic trails of the W Circuit and enjoying a gastronomy with products of the region.

This experience is designed for people who loves nature and has an affinity for physical activity, also for those who desires to connect intimately with the natural environment, appreciate it and preserve it. The National Park Torres del Paine is located among the most stunning sites in the world, with an amazing biodiversity that invites you to explore and be stunned by its flora and fauna.

The first day, we will get into the hike towards Base Torres, a renowned and high intensity trail inside the park. Following the course of río Ascencio, we will pass through Refugio Chileno and ascend between forests, culminating in the challenging journey known as La Morrena. After approximately 1 hour of ascend, we will be rewarded with the long-awaited scene: The imposing view of the three granite towers reflected in the lagoon.

The second day, we will sail from Pudeto to Paine grande to start the walk of the French Valley. The journey starts at 9:00 am in a catamaran that will take us to the starting point of the walk, after sailing 30 minutes in Pehoé Lake. Passing through forests of Lengas and Skottsberg Lake we will arrive to Mirador Francés, where we can appreciate an amazing view of Paine Grande and its glaciers. The fragments of ice breaking from the French Glacier is a visual privilege, we will return to the catamaran using the same trail.

The third day, we will take the same catamaran from Pudeto to start the walk to Mirador Grey, one of the highlights of the National Park Torres del Paine. This trail offers amazing views of Grey lake and the majestic glacier that adorns it. We will walk the same trail back to the catamaran that will cross back to Pudeto.

The Fourth day, we will start early to the beginning of the trail Portería-Portería, that despite its low intensity level, it will reveal fascinating historical aspects of the park. We will visit the painted caves of the Aonikenk, native culture of the region, drawn in rocks. The possibility to spot Cóndor, Guanacos, Grey Foxes and even Pumas are high in this area. Once the walk is complete, we will head towards Laguna Azul, the northeast side of the park, where the observation of flora and fauna reaches its peak.

Online reservation

$1.200.000 CLP P/P

    • 4 days 3 nights

    • High difficulty

    • Minimum Pax 1*

    • November to March

    • Distance 72 km.

    • Download the Program


    • Bilingual and Certified local guide.
    • Shared or semi-private transportation.
    • Camping equipment.
    • Catamaran ticket.
    • Food.
    • Trekking poles.
    • Safety talk.

    Does not include

    • Medical or other personal expenses.
    • Travel insurance.
    • Ice hiking or kayaking.
    • Extra nights.
    • Lodging Puerto Natales.
    • Health and personal insurance.
    • Entrance ticket to the National park.


    • Warm and comfortable clothes.
    • Not suitable for pregnant women.
    • Good physical conditions for the hikes.
    • Sunglasses & Suncream.
    • Waterproof shoes.
    • Keep medicine close, if necessary.
    • Warn any dietary restrictions.


    DAY 1

    – 6:00 am pick up at hotel in Puerto Natales.
    – 9:00 am starting point of Base Towars.
    – 18:00 pm head back to the camping site, where they will be waiting for us with a sweet and salty snack, beer, wine or soft drink.
    – Dinner prepared by our staff and served in our dome.

    DAY 2

    – 6:30 to 7:00 am breakfast in our dome.
    – 9:00 sail to Paine grande.
    – Trekking Mirador Francés.
    – 18:30 sail back to Pudeto.
    – Sweet and salty snack with beverage.
    – Dinner prepared by our staff and served in our dome.

    DAY 3

    – 6:30 to 7:00 am breakfast in our dome.
    – 9:00 sail to Paine grande.
    – Trekking Mirador Grey.
    – 18:30 sail back to Pudeto.
    – Sweet and salty snack with beverage.
    – Dinner prepared by our staff and served in our dome.

    DAY 4

    – 8:00 AM breakfast in our dome.
    – 9:00 am transfer towards the starting point of the trail Portería-portería.
    – Lunch in Laguna Azul (box lunch).
    – 16:00-16:30 way back to Puerto Natales.

    Cancellation Policies

    • – Times may vary according to weather conditions and physical conditions of the passengers.
    • – The excursion can be suspended due to bad weather, which implies climatic conditions such as strong winds, rain and snow.
    • – Cancellation and reschedule policy will be sent by e-mail or whatsapp.
    • – If you do not find availability in our online store, consult through our contact form or by WhatsApp.
    • – The cancellation of day trips must be made 48 hours in advance of the requested date, otherwise the reservation will be charged 100%.

    W Trekking

    Torres del Paine National Park

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